The New Poster Child for Wasteful Spending

As if we needed it, here's even further evidence that the Humane Society of the United States is a wasteful, inefficient charity. According to a new report, HSUS spends 50 cents of every dollar it raises on fundraising and other overhead costs. (All those lawyers and lobbyists don’t come cheap.)

This news arrives in the midst of HSUS’s push to raise an additional $1.2 million during the holiday season, no doubt by tugging on pet lovers’ heartstrings with videos of puppies and kittens. Sadly, though, HSUS’s own tax returns show that less than one percent of its collected donations are shared with pet shelters.

And the new report wasn't our creation. It was released by Animal People News, the “newspaper of record” inside the animal rights movement. For more information, read today’s CCF press release and check out