A Call to Action

Many of you have seen the letter that we sent yesterday to the California Attorney General. We heard from several people who asked us what they could do to help.

Well, here’s what you can do.

Many of you are former HSUS donors. A few of you may have even just become former donors upon recently learning the truth about HSUS. You can all help by sending us any HSUS fundraising material you have in order to help us build out our archive. The more recent, the better, but we’ll take anything. It will help us show (not just tell) authorities—and fellow Americans—more about HSUS’s questionable fundraising practices.

Here’s our mailing address:

P.O. Box 34555
Washington, DC 20043

Or, you can use the following link to upload scans from your computer and send the files to us electronically: http://tinyurl.com/HumaneWatch

Thanks for your help, as always.