A Few Basic Rules

Here’s what we're going to try to stick with:

  1. We recognize that what we write here might be controversial. And we might very well skewer one of your sacred cows. It’s nothing personal. We're just trying to sort out fact from fiction.
  2. What we write here is "on the record." If you're a reporter, and you want to quote us, that's just peachy. If you'd like a more specific statement about any issue, please e-mail us or call our office. (The phone number is at the bottom of the Center for Consumer Freedom's home page.)
  3. Everyone is welcome to participate in the comments, including current and former HSUS employees. But we ask that you register with a real e-mail address before your comments can appear on the blog.
  4. We'll try to "moderate" comments before they appear, but only so we can keep the profanity to a minimum. (It's the same arrangement they have at the New York Times' blogs.)
  5. We're not going to replicate HSUS president Wayne Pacelle’s habit of only allowing glowing reader comments to see the light of day on his blog. We don’t need the hero worship. So feel free to find fault with what we write. Just be sure to back it up.
  6. If you have nothing better to do than call a blogger names, please visit Perez Hilton's blog instead. (He seems to thrive on that kind of thing.)
  7. Unfortunately, the animal rights movement does have a violent subculture; threats will be reported to law enforcement.
  8. We will happily issue corrections when we're wrong. No one is perfect.

Everyone good? Okay. Let’s go.