Another Shoe Drops on “4-H-Gate”

Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) is weighing in on the website of The Baltimore Sun today. The 4-H organization is headquartered in Maryland, so it's a natural place to explore just what went wrong last month when a Humane Society of the United States propaganda program managed to sneak into the 4-H national conference.

We're calling it "4-H-Gate." The Congressman calls it a mistake for which there is "no excuse."

Potato, potahto.

Here's more:

HSUS is a radical, activist group committed to working against livestock production and American farmers. It is this commitment that troubled many in the agriculture industry when HSUS was invited to lead a March 23 session titled "Animal Instincts: Service Learning and Animal Welfare" at the 2010 National 4-H Conference in Chevy Chase

To invite an organization committed to the eradication of animal agriculture to its national conference is at best a mistake by 4-H and at worst a troubling concession to anti-meat liberals working for the Obama administration at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. There is no excuse for 4-H allowing an organization actively working against a staple component of 4-H programs and our diets to present at its national conference.

Harsh words indeed. Click here to read the whole piece.

And The Sun accepts comments, so feel free to remind the editors that HSUS is not a "national humane society," as the title they gave Rep. King's essay suggests.