Ask Bosch to Wipe the Slate Clean and Ditch HSUS

Bosch, a German automotive company, recently announced a partnership with HSUS. The company started a campaign called, which encourages drivers to buy Bosch wipers to see the road better and avoid hitting wildlife during inclement weather. (The company calls it a public service announcement, but it’s not really a PSA if you’re selling something.)

Presumably, HSUS is getting a cut of every wiper blade sold. It’s a bad deal for animals, though.

HSUS doesn’t run a single pet shelter anywhere. And HSUS isn’t exactly starved of funding. The group has some $200 million in assets. Last year, it stuck $50 million of donor money into Caribbean hedge funds. That’s a lot of bowls of food. HSUS ought to already be doing more to feed animals, but instead it shamefully mismanages donor money—whether it’s earning bad grades from charity watchdogs for high spending on overhead, sticking money in the Caribbean, or even paying a racketeering settlement.

Local shelters or rescues that take care of cats, dogs, and other pets could certainly use the money. They’re often in desperate need of help. The same with local wildlife rehab groups.

Email Bosch USA’s CEO, Mike Mansuetti, at [email protected] and politely ask him to sever ties with HSUS and make sure the money goes to reputable organizations. (If you get a response, feel free to forward it to us.)