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Ask Wellness Pet Food to Support Local Shelters, not HSUS

Update: We’re calling off the dogs. A reader figured out that Wellness is owned by the Berwind Corporation, a family-owned investment firm. One of the members of that family sits on HSUS’s National Council–so there’s little chance Wellness will listen to reason on HSUS.

Last week on Giving Tuesday, some readers let us know of a promotion benefiting the deceptive Humane Society of the United States: For every dollar donated to HSUS, Wellness Natural Pet Food would provide a bowl of food as a donation to HSUS.

Donating food is a great promotion. It’s just that HSUS is not a great partner. HSUS doesn’t run a single pet shelter anywhere.

And more to the point, HSUS isn’t exactly starved of funding. The group has some $200 million in assets. Last year, it stuck $50 million of donor money into Caribbean hedge funds. That’s a lot of bowls of food. HSUS ought to already be doing more to feed animals, but instead it shamefully mismanages donor money—whether it’s earning bad marks from charity watchdogs for high spending on overhead, sticking money in the Caribbean, or even paying a large racketeering settlement.

Who could use the pet food donations? Local shelters or rescues that take care of cats, dogs, and other pets. They’re often in desperate need of help, and they could use the extra boost generated by a partnership with a pet food brand.

Ask WellPet’s CEO, Tim Callahan, to please stop doing business with the scammers at HSUS. Please take a moment to send him a polite note encouraging him to do things a little differently next time.

Timothy Callahan, CEO
200 Ames Pond Drive
Tewksbury, MA 01876
[email protected]