The Bluegrass Controversy

Earlier this week controversy erupted in Louisville when Mayor Greg Fischer announced that he was appointing HSUS employee Justin Scally to run the city’s animal services. No-kill advocates are fuming that one of their own with many years of shelter experience was passed over. And now local veterinarian Todd Yates is speaking out against Scally’s hiring, saying: “If I was hiring for that position, I would not [have hired Scally]. He would need more experience than what he's got.” Yates adds, “And, again, the connection to the Humane Society [of the United States], probably not a good idea.”

That’s because HSUS is a radical animal-rights organization. And both HSUS and Scally seem very defensive about the issue. HSUS actually put out a statement yesterday attacking HumaneWatch because we commented on this situation. And according to the Courier-Journal, Scally “cut off a reporter’s question about whether he shares Humane Society of the U.S. values.”

Maybe one reason his appointment is so controversial is because HSUS famously (or infamously) doesn’t run any actual pet shelters. It’s kind of like hiring an oil lobbyist to run operations on an oil drilling rig–the experience doesn’t really transfer. The other reason the appointment is raising eyebrows is that HSUS is essentially PETA in a nice suit–and we don’t think many mayors would appoint a PETA activist to run their city’s animal services.