Boycott HSUS: #DumpDiscover

After the credit card company Discover started a new affinity card to benefit the Humane Society of the United States, HumaneWatch called on folks to boycott Discover. The company expects its partnership with HSUS will net the deceptive charity over $1 million. But because only about 1% of the contributions HSUS receives goes to local pet shelters, only about $10,000 of that money will end up at the local humane societies and other such facilities that provide care for pets.

Now you have a chance to show Discover your disapproval — and it could benefit both you and a local pet shelter of your choice. Watch to find out more:

Tell Discover to stop funding the HSUS scam in your own video and send it to us at [email protected]. If we post your video on our website, we’ll send $50 to you and another $50 to a local pet shelter of your choice. Make sure to also post your video on Facebook so your friends can see and submit their own. Feel free to get creative, but stay safe and keep it tasteful.

Don’t forget to tell your viewers why you’re boycotting Discover until they stop funding HSUS. Is it because HSUS:

If you don’t have a smartphone or camera to record a video, you can still make your voice heard to Discover execs by signing the petition at