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BREAKING: Former HSUS CEO Subpoenaed Regarding Sexism, Cover Up

The sexual harassment scandal at the Humane Society of the United States just won’t go away.

We reported on a defamation lawsuit brought by a former employee of HSUS’s lobbying arm against the former assistant to Wayne Pacelle, the HSUS CEO who resigned in 2018 after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment. The plaintiff accuses Pacelle’s assistant of inventing allegations against him that got him fired after he had brought up concerns about Pacelle’s alleged sexist behavior.

HumaneWatch can now reveal that Wayne Pacelle has been subpoenaed for information about these allegations.

The subpoena, pasted below, demands Pacelle turn over all documents and communications in his possession concerning sexism at HSUS, retaliation or potential retaliation, and cover-up. (The address of Pacelle’s $1.1 million home is redacted.)

The subpoena sets a deadline of October 10 to produce the information.

Stay tuned for any new developments in this case. In the meantime, get caught up by reading our summary of the allegations.