Cast Penguin Books into the Sea

Bad news: The publishing company Penguin Group USA has announced that it is giving $25,000 to HSUS. It’s unfortunate that Penguin didn’t do its research and discover that HSUS is just PETA with a suit and deodorant, or that HSUS gives little support to local humane societies, or that HSUS wants to put farmers across the country out of business.

There’s an easy way to send a message: It’s time to boycott Penguin.

We’re not calling for a massive bonfire, but please write Penguin and let them know that you don’t appreciate their support for a deceptive animal rights group—a phony, wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing “humane society” that sucks up dollars out of local communities and hoards them in hedge funds ($32 million in 2010) and pension plans.

Please email Penguin Books and (politely) let them know what you think. If you need some background on HSUS and its national deception to pass along, follow the links. (Interesting side note: Penguin is an Australian company. Maybe they should call up Yellow Tail and ask what happened when the wine company pledged $100,000 to HSUS.)

May is National Pet Month. And the best way to help pets is by supporting local shelters—not a national group that does too little for dogs and cats.