Could the HSUS Egg Videos Have Been Staged?

The Executive Vice President of one egg company in Iowa sure thinks so.

This is video from WHO-TV in Des Moines. It will be fascinating to see where the story goes.

The HumaneWatch weekly prize for rhetoric goes to Iowa Farm Bureau news services manager Dirck Steimel, understandably miffed at being excluded from Wayne Pacelle's big "press conference:

Why were we kept out? HSUS leader Wayne Pacelle told the Des Moines Register that he shut out ag affiliated folks because he didn’t want “disruptions.”

But you have to wonder. It appears the tanned and polished Pacelle just doesn’t want to answer tough, and informed, questions. That doesn’t fit into Pacelle’s formula where he parachutes into town, calls a press conference at a downtown hotel and tries to make a splash in the media with undercover videos of alleged animal abuse.

The folks he accuses don’t get a chance to talk or ask questions …

Of course, that's by design too. It would be a media fiasco if "the folks he accuses" were to stand up and say "that's not my farm on the video."