Humane Bites #20: America’s Most Finicky Book Club

Daily clippings culled from all over the electronic news world. (E-mail us with submissions for tomorrow.)

  • HSUS reviews an anti-meat book, which is its first book review since the last time an anti-meat title hit the stores. But it's not an anti-meat group … noooo …
  • '80s hair band "Warrant" is auctioning off a bass guitar to benefit HSUS, proving that … um … (oh, who are we kidding? We have no idea who Warrant is)
  • Canadian "Liberal Senator" on seal-hunt fanatics: "We will continue to fight against groups like PETA, the Humane Society, and actors who have not worked in a long time …"
  • Livestock writer: It's time to call every HSUS sponsor on the carpet and ask them if they know what they're doing
  • The Dakota wars continue, and we have the last word (so far)