Humane Bites #170: Have You Written to a Newspaper Lately?

Daily clippings culled from all over the electronic news world. (E-mail submissions for next week.)

  • Letter writer (why not you): HSUS “is not your local pet shelter but an East Coast factory fundraising organization
  • HSUS Missouri State Director -vs- a veterinarian (and no, it's not a fair fight)
  • Editor of Bovine Veterinarian on HSUS: “Getting a toehold in Missouri…opens the door to go after agriculture
  • Missouri dog lover: "Proposition B is an unfunded mandate, estimated to cost around $650,000 the first year"
  • Hollywood Wayne takes a break from his cushy DC office to attend … wait for it … a movie screening
  • Your Daily Shelter: Massachusetts’ Plymouth Animal Shelter (Donate. Volunteer. Adopt.)