Humane Bites #191: Buckeye Compromise Already Threatens Ohio Farmers

Daily clippings culled from all over the electronic news world. (E-mail submissions for tomorrow.)

  • Ohio Ag Chief: Buckeye Compromise threatens the viability of young livestock and poultry producers' farms
  • HSUS's only "class action" plaintiff against a chicken company is also (surprise, surprise…) an animal rights activist
  • HSUS seeks new philanthropy director who specializes in getting grandma to put HSUS in her will
  • HSUS campaign director will appear at a very vegan animal rights group's anniversary party (did we mention he co-founded it?)
  • Letter writer: HSUS’s Prop B campaign turned Missouri from the “Show Me State” to the “Sucker State”
  • Your Daily Shelter: Ohio’s Lakewood Animal Shelter (Donate. Volunteer. Adopt.)