Humane Bites #70: Keep Those Letters Coming!

Daily clippings culled from all over the electronic news world. (E-mail me with submissions for tomorrow.)

  • Letter writer sets the record straight about HSUS and it seems people are listening
  • Sportsmen and women are learning about HSUS, and we're happy to help
  • Livestock producers criticize HSUS for using “isolated incidents” to make all producers appear to be animal abusers
  • Just in: HSUS anti-farming Ohio front group says it's gathered 280,000 signatures to date
  • Columnist explores how Wisconsin's DNR could have could have gotten it right
  • HSUS employee says hunting columnists should really be saying “Bravo” to HSUS (maybe in his dreams)
  • Your Daily Shelter: Georgia’s Gwinnett Humane Society (Donate. Volunteer. Adopt.)