Dealing with the Humaniacs

Many thanks to the fine dairymen and women who invited HumaneWatch's David Martosko to speak to them on Thursday in Modesto, California. These people are the bend-but-don't-break strength of America, the unsung heroes of our blissfully ignorant supermarket experience. We were honored to spend yesterday with them at their annual convention.

What we didn't know, however, was that a reporter from The Modesto Bee was also spending his day in the convention hall. In retrospect, we're really glad he could make it for my presentation, which was titled "How to Deal with the 'Humaniacs' in Ten Easy Lessons."

We've already gotten a few e-mails from readers who saw the resulting news story when it hit the Bee's website. They tell us (1) that seeing such awesome press coverage is the next best thing to being there; (2) that HSUS has seldom sounded so defensive; and (3) that there just might be hope for American agriculture yet.

It's always nice to hear optimism, even if we're just "hearing" it in an e-mail.

The article even includes a cameo from "Dairy Goddess" blogger Barbara Martin (who was a great lunch companion). Here's a taste:

The Humane Society of the United States masquerades as a protector of pets while plotting the demise of the dairy industry, a critic of the group said Thursday.

David Martosko, speaking in Modesto at the annual meeting of Western United Dairymen, said the society is attacking milk producers as part of its effort to turn Americans into vegans.

"They are not promoting kinder treatment of farm animals," said Martosko, director of research for the Center for Consumer Freedom in Washington, D.C. "They are promoting the abolition of farm animals."

Martosko said many people believe that the society mainly funds dog and cat shelters when in fact it spends most of its hefty income on lobbying, salaries and political donations …

Martosko said activists with the society, whom he dubbed "humaniacs," believe that animals have rights and should not be eaten, hunted or used in laboratories.

"The humaniacs are people who make it their life's mission to use the concept of humane treatment of animals in order to hobble you, to drive you out of business," he said.

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