Disgraced NPR Fundraiser Now HSUS Chief Development Officer

nprHSUS recently hired a new chief development officer and not surprisingly chose one with the same moral compass as the rest of their executive team. Their choice, Betsy Liley, previously worked as the senior director of institutional giving at National Public Radio (NPR). While working for NPR, Liley received national press coverage after she told a would-be donor, who claimed to work for a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated charity, that she would help him make an anonymous contribution to NPR. For the uninitiated, the Muslim Brotherhood is designated as a terrorist group in a number of countries and wants to establish a global Islamic caliphate. They’re not exactly great guys, and they’re pretty well known.

As it turned out, the charity with alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood was fake, and Liley’s conversation had been recorded as part of a sting operation by political journalist James O’Keefe. But Liley didn’t know that. In the recording with O’Keefe’s undercover investigator, Liley assured the operative that he could “be an anonymous donor” and “we would certainly, if that was your interest, we would want to shield you from [a government audit].”

As a result of this total lack of judgment, NPR put Liley on administrative leave.

Interestingly, Liley’s previous affiliation with NPR is entirely omitted from her bio page on the HSUS website. Intentional? No doubt. Head over to the Washington Post article to hear the recording from the undercover investigation for yourself.

We’ve written before about how HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle’s wife works for Al Jazeera, a TV company owned by the Middle East monarchy of Qatar that’s now the subject of a $15 million discrimination lawsuitAccording to The Wall Street Journal, Qatar also funds and arms the Islamic terror groups Hamas and ISIS, whose brutality needs no introduction. As Forbes notes of Al Jazeera, “one of the network’s most-watched shows in the Middle East, according to the Washington Times, is hosted by a spiritual adviser to the Muslim Brotherhood who has issued fatwas approving the killings of Americans in Iraq and Jews in Israel.”

If the emirs of Qatar want to make an anonymous donation to HSUS, could Liley hook a Muslim Brother(hood) up?