1990 HSUS Report of the President

This is the 1991 HSUS Report of the President, presented by John Hoyt at the Annual Membership Meeting in Washington, DC. Hoyt claims that HSUS is separate from the animal rights movement that developed in the 1980s, writing: “the lines between animal protection groups such as The HSUS and animal rights groups such as PETA are being more clearly drawn and less frequently cross.” Hoyt, however, later states that “[t]his is not to say that the rights of animals should be either ignored or minimized as a meaningful and vital philosophy. Indeed, it must not be.”

Hoyt also states that he wishes HSUS to formally promote the message of eating less meat. He quotes from his April 1990 Earth Day speech, in which he said “Planet Earth is dying, and it is we, the people, who are hastening her demise.”

The Report also includes passages from:

  • Patricia Forkan, Senior Vice President
  • Phyllis Wright, VP-Companion Animals
  • Randall Lockwood, VP-Field Services
  • David Wills, VP-Investigations
  • Michael Fox, VP-Farm Animals and Bioethics
  • John Grandy, VP-Wildlife and Habitat Protection
  • Jan Hartke, VP-Environment
  • Patty Finch, VP-Youth Education
  • Roger Kindler– Office of the General Counsel
  • Michael Fox, Director of the Center for Respect of Life and Environment

This document is courtesy of the University of Illinois Archives/Harold D. Guither papers.

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