1992 HSUS Report of the President

This is the 1992 Report of the President, presented at HSUS’s Annual Membership Meeting in Boulder, Colorado on October 31, 1992.

The report includes passages from:

  • Paul Irwin, President
  • Patricia Forkan, Executive Vice President
  • Deborah Salem, VP-Publications
  • Katherine Benedict, Director of Administration and Information Systems
  • Marc Paulhus, VP-Companion Animals
  • Randall Lockwood, VP-Field services
  • David K. Wills, VP-Investigations
  • Michael W. Fox, VP-Farm Animals and Bioethics
  • John Grandy, VP-Wildlife and Habitat Protection
  • Martin Stephens, VP-Laboratory Animals
  • Jan Hartke, President of Earthkind
  • Patty Finch, VP-Youth Education
  • Richard Clugston, VP-Higher Education and Director of the Center for Respect of Life and Environment