2006 HSUS Annual Report

This is the annual report that HSUS published to describe its program priorities in 2006. It contains a message from president Wayne Pacelle to supporters, testimonials from a selection of HSUS employees, and a summary of its program accomplishments and consolidated financial data.

Lists of major donors and all mentions of HSUS’s signature “Pets for Life” program were excluded from the 2006 annual report. Programs that were highlighted included a successful ballot initiative in Arizona to ban the use of gestation crates for pigs, legal petitions at the federal level filed by the HSUS Animal Protection Litigation team (now in its second year), legislation targeting commercial dog and cat breeding operations, efforts to ban whaling in Japan, and a merger with the Doris Day Animal League.

The 2006 annual report notes that HSUS’s employee roster has expanded to “more than 400.”

HSUS removed this document from its website in October 2010.

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