2007 HSUS Annual Report

This is the annual report that HSUS published to describe its program priorities in 2007. It contains a message from president Wayne Pacelle to supporters, testimonials from a selection of HSUS employees, and a summary of its program accomplishments and consolidated financial data.

Programs in 2007 included a merger with the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights to create the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, the enactment of a federal law to make animal fighting a felony, lobbying food makers to source their food from more “humane” farms, fighting fur production in Canada and China, and gearing up for the “Proposition 2” battle to ban conventional housing for egg-laying hens in California.

In the “HSUS by the Numbers” section, HSUS claimed 10,571,955 “members and constituents,” 15 completed “covert investigations,” and $6.8 million in grants to animal-care organizations (out of $120.6 million in revenue).

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