2009 HSUS Membership Renewal Letter

This two-page letter, titled “From the desk of Wayne Pacelle,” was sent to HSUS contributors in 2009 in an attempt to induce them to renew their memberships.

The letter’s language seems to indicate HSUS’s full awareness that most of its members are primarily (or even exclusively) interested in animal welfare issues pertaining to dogs and cats. This is how Pacelle ends his letter (emphasis added):

I know that you are a person who is appalled and outraged about animal cruelty, abuse and neglect, and the terrible things that happen to puppies, kittens, dogs, cats and other pets. That’s why you joined The HSUS in the first place!

So stay with us — please. We need each other.

It will take only a few minutes to renew your membership for 2009. By doing so, you’ll be helping us continue to speak out for the animals who cannot speak for themselves.

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