Excerpt from “Slaughterhouse” Regarding David Wills

This is a two-page excerpt from the 1997 book Slaughterhouse, written by former HSUS investigator Gail Eisnitz.

Eisnitz notes that former HSUS Vice President for Investigations David Wills was hired by HSUS during her investigations of slaughterhouse conditions. Eisnitz takes issue with Wills’ approach towards investigatory work, writing:

My new supervisor focused on splashy, symbolic animal issues that brought him airtime and column space…Int the meantime, he instructed me not to speak to the media and attempted to undermine the slaughterhouse investigation by depriving it of funds. While this vice president was traveling around the world wining and dining on HSUS’s tab, I was defiantly continuing to provide my documentation to the media, and futilely pleading with his supervisors at HSUS to support the investigation.

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