2003 “No Compromise” Point-Counterpoint Between Paul Shapiro and Kevin Kjonaas

This is a point-counterpoint article that appeared in the Fall 2003 edition of No Compromise, a now-defunct publication that described itself as “the militant, direct action publication of grassroots animal liberationists and their supporters.”

The two writers are Paul Shapiro and Kevin Kjonaas. Shapiro later became a campaign manger at the Humane Society of the United States. Kjonaas was later convicted on federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism charges and received a six-year prison sentence.

While Kjonaas advocated leveraging fear and trepidation against animal-rights targets, Shapiro argued in favor of using the mainstream media to promote their common agenda—which both agreed was “animal liberation.”

Shapiro wrote (emphasis added):

Like it or not, hundreds of millions of Americans consume mainstream media every day-along with animal products, as well … These are the very people who must change their eating habits in order for animal liberation to become possible.

While it would be great to wait for the public to start consuming independent media, to force animals to wait for their liberation until such a societal shift takes place is both unfair and unethical …

The only way we can fundamentally reduce the level of animal suffering is to reduce the number of animals people eat.

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