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Does This Country Music Star Support HSUS?!

During a recent stop in Gainesville as part of her “Trisha’s Tailgate” series, country music star Trisha Yearwood had an adorable pup named Snoopy on to promote animal adoption and the spaying and neutering of animals.


There was one slight problem though. In her excitement over Snoopy, she misidentified The Humane Society of North Central Florida, a representative of which appeared on the segment, as an affiliate of the Humane Society of the United States. As many of our readers know, despite its multimillion dollar budget, HSUS is not affiliated with local humane societies and does not run a single pet shelter anywhere. Only around 1 percent of HSUS’s budget is given to local pet shelters, according to its tax returns.


Although a common misconception, it is always important to identify the difference between local humane societies and HSUS. Local shelters help adopt and shelter animals. HSUS spends money attacking America’s farmers, ranchers, and sportsmen and pushing a PETA agenda.

We can’t imagine many country fans would want to support Yearwood if she supports anti-hunting and anti-farming activists. We think she’s simply making a common mistake that many Americans make, though. Reach out to Trisha on Facebook and Twitter and let her know the truth about HSUS.