Farm Force

Agriculture is under attack. That’s why we’re launching a new program for farmers and ranchers to make their voices heard. It’s called Farm Force.

Activists with extreme agendas are attacking agriculture and attempting to ban farmers from using common production practices and ban consumers from buying these products.

Join Farm Force to receive regular alerts of how you can take action and make your voice heard in defense of agriculture. It’s vital that you make your voice heard, or else the anti-agriculture activists will win.

Will you join us?


Who Funds the Activists?
These activists are funded by a billionaire’s foundation based near San Francisco called the “Open Philanthropy Project.” In 2018, this foundation directed $10 million to fund one animal activist group’s smear campaigns against companies. You can read more about OPP here.

What’s at Stake?
Consumer freedom and producer freedom. Producers should be free to grow food using best practices, whether they choose to be organic or conventional. And consumers should be free to buy products from farmers and ranchers that they please.

In contrast, radical activists want to ban farmers from using production methods, and ban consumers from buying many products. They want to dictate a lifestyle on Americans.