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“Fat Cat” ASPCA Exploits Coronavirus

The coronavirus is affecting everyone, animal rescues and shelters included. If you have watched the local news lately, you have probably seen stories about how many local shelters have been forced to close their doors to the public. While some shelters have adopted innovative ways to adopt out animals, some are left to struggle.

But while local shelters are left to suffer, the New York City-based ASPCA wants to cash in on the virus. Across the internet, you may have seen ads like the one to the left, featuring an image of a cute cat in an e-collar. The message makes it seem as though your donation will go directly to helping animals affected by the coronavirus situation.

But apparently, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you click the link attached you are redirected to ASPCA’s monthly donor sign-up page. It seems the fundraising has nothing to do with helping the struggling local shelters deal with the fallout from the coronavirus whatsoever. (The APSCA is not affiliated with local SPCAs or humane societies, despite often similar names.)

Last week we reported on the ASPCA’s most recent tax filings. It revealed ASPCA’s CEO makes more than $750,000 and that 159 ASPCA employees make six-figure salaries. For every dollar donated to the ASPCA, 38 cents was spent paying salaries and benefits. Instead of helping sick puppies, it seems as though the organization is paying corporate fat cats. That’s especially outrageous at a time when millions of Americans are facing unemployment.

No wonder CharityWatch gave the organization a “C” grade. Honestly, the ASPCA should’ve gotten an “F”–for a lack of class.

If you want to help cats and dogs, help them directly by donating to your local pet shelter. Additionally, you can donate to one of our projects, HelpPetShelters.com, where we ensure 95% of the money goes to the actual organization.