First Quarter Blog Favorites

In the first seven weeks that HumaneWatch has been online, the articles that attracted the most eyeballs discussed our advertising about how little of its money the Humane Society of the United States shares with pet shelters, the growing trend of companies abandoning their support for HSUS after negative public reactions, and the RICO lawsuit filed against HSUS by the Ringling Brothers circus. You also paid special attention to the story of HSUS's deceptive New Mexico livestock auction video, the groundbreaking decision of Charity Navigator to downgrade HSUS's nonprofit ratings, and HSUS's apparent habit of ignoring its own charter documents in its search for fundraising opportunities. And, much to our great pleasure, our co-blogger Cheeta had quite a following too.

  1. Racketeering lawsuit fingers HSUS
  2. New York Times ad: “Shouldn’t the ‘Humane Society’ Do Better?”
  3. HSUS shares less than one-half of one percent of its budget with pet shelters
  4. Charity Navigator downgrades HSUS ratings
  5. HSUS's list of corporate supporters
  6. Calling all whistleblowers!
  7. Cameras don't lie, but sometimes activist videos do
  8. HSUS runs a private school, even though its own Articles of Incorporation forbid it
  9. The Michael Vick saga
  10. Cheeta the research chimp explores what it means to have HSUS on her side