First Quarter Favorites

In continuing our tradition of ripping off one of Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle’s few good ideas, we’re highlighting the most popular HumaneWatch articles from the first quarter of 2011. Here are the top stories from January through March, according to you, our readers:

  1. Four-fifths of one percent (0.8%): That’s how much of HSUS’s budget went to pet shelters in 2009, according to our analysis of its tax return.
  2. We placed a five-billboard collage in Times Square to inform New Yorkers that 99 percent of their donations to HSUS don’t trickle down to pet shelters.
  3. We looked at the debate over egg-laying hens and did something HSUS won’t: We looked at actual science to determine what happens to chickens when farmers follow Wayne Pacelle’s advice. (It’s not pretty, unless you’re a fan of stress, broken bones, and premature death.)
  4. Speaking at a 2006 animal-rights gathering, HSUS’s vice president for farm animal issues plainly stated her organization’s goal for animal agriculture: to “get rid of the industry.” We have the audio.
  5. Have you heard HSUS’s assertion that it has a “constituency” of 11 million people? We unearthed some internal HSUS documents demonstrating just how absurd and inflated that number is.
  6. HSUS began running the Doris Day Animal League’s “Spay Day” promotion after it took over the respected animal welfare group. But now Spay Day is just a pass-through vehicle which HSUS uses to claim greater financial support of pet shelters than it provides on its own.
  7. In what could become an endless series, we gathered some of the more egregious HSUS fundraising mailers from the last few years. Naturally, HSUS plays up dogs and cats when it asks for money, even though the organization hardly gives any money to pet shelters.