Flashback: Hands-On Animal Rescue Is Supposed to Be HSUS’s Main Job

For our second flashback today, let's take a look at HSUS's official Bylaws, as published in 2004. (If they've been revised in the last six years, we're unaware of it.)

Feb 24 2010

“The Immediate Relief of Suffering”

Here's the section I'm talking about. It's the section called "Article IX—Use of Funds." Particularly the section's very first sentence:

All available funds of the Society shall be used for the immediate relief of suffering and the vigorous prosecution of humane education except as otherwise provided by law or the specific terms of a gift or mandate of a donor. (emphasis added)

I'm thinking specifically about HSUS's undercover investigation of the Hallmark/Westland meatpacking plant in San Bernardino County, California. An HSUS operative started secretly rolling video there in October 2007. But it wasn't until January 30, 2008 that HSUS published selected video clips online and gave the story to The Washington Post, signaling its first attempt to actually intervene and stop the abuse of animals that was going on in that facility.

What in the name of Cleveland Amory was "immediate" about that? Seriously.

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