Focus-Grouping Those HSUS Mini-Infomercials

Fox News Channel host Greta Van Susteren polled her audience online last night about the Humane Society of the United States's TV ads. The mini-infomercials, if you’re not familiar with them, generally feature CEO Wayne Pacelle or celebrity endorser Wendie Malick asking for $19 a month—while sad music plays and tear-jerking images of dogs and cats roll in the background.

Greta is interested in learning whether or not you like the ads, and whether they make you want to donate to HSUS. At the moment of this writing, 1,210 people have voted. We think we can help pump up those numbers, don't you?

The voting is already a bit lopsided. (We won't tell you in which direction, lest anyone say we're tainting the focus group.) But we wonder whether the result would be different if Greta told her audience that a $19-per-month donation translates into less than $1.15 for hands-on pet shelters during the course of an entire year.

And did we mention that this poll welcomes comments as well as your votes?