Growing, Changing, Evolving

Starting in the coming week, you'll see some new things around here.

It's been more than four months since I started blogging here every day, and the stats so far have exceeded expectations. HumaneWatch is closing in on its 1 millionth unique visitor. We're consistently out-drawing Wayne Pacelle's blog over at the Humane Society of the United States. And more than 118,000 of you have already become HumaneWatchers on Facebook. (Keep inviting all your Facebook friends!)

This project has filled a void and (clearly) struck a nerve. Pretty cool.

The process of making all this happen every day, though, has become almost a full-time job. And that's not so cool. So in the interest of sharing the burden, HumaneWatch is becoming a group blog of sorts.

Instead of seeing my name plastered on everything, you'll soon be reading articles contributed by various members of the HumaneWatch team. There will even be some outsiders sharing their own analysis. (If you're interested in writing for HumaneWatch, by the way, drop us an e-mail.)

The work of watchdogging HSUS is just too much for any one person to handle solo. So as of Monday, I'll have far more help. I may even back away for awhile and let others carry the ball. (Server maintenance, of course, will continue to be performed by Cheeta the research chimp.)

The other big change you'll notice is that by the end of next week HumaneWatch will have a whole page full of links to all the pet shelters we've promoted in the "Daily Humane Bites" articles. Lest anyone claim that HumaneWatch is "anti-animal," we're going to keep asking you to dig deep and donate to the local organizations that (unlike HSUS) take on the thankless task of finding adoptive homes for countless dogs and cats.

As is usually the case with tech things, there may be a few bumps in the road. Don't be shy about writing in to tell us what's not working. And keep spreading the word!