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Happy Holidays from HumaneWatch

In recognition of the holiday season, we’re happy to announce that we have mailed donations to the pet shelters chosen by winners of the HumaneWatch comment contest.

Click here for the full list of pet care organizations that will benefit.

The letter that we’re sending along with the $100 checks is after the jump.


Dear _____________

I am writing to inform you that a reader of our website, www.HumaneWatch.org, has chosen [shelter name] to receive a $100 donation in connection with a recent online contest. Congratulations, and thanks for continuing the important work you do for animals.

HumaneWatch is a website dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on the Humane Society of the United States. As you’re probably aware, HSUS isn’t directly affiliated with any hands-on pet shelters. Through our HumaneWatch program and its related media campaign, we’re educating Americans about the importance of “giving local” to help dogs, cats, and other homeless pets. We’re also (patiently) holding out hope that HSUS will begin to share more of its riches with smaller organizations in need.

We’re confident you will put this token of our readership’s appreciation to good use. If I can answer any questions about our mission, or if you’d like to respond in writing for publication on the website, please feel free to e-mail [email protected].