HSUS and PETA are in Bed Together (Literally)

Bed PETA HSUSThe Humane Society of the United States markets itself as a moderate, cat-and-dog group, but it only spends 1% of the money it raises on pet shelters. Far from its crafted image as a mainstream group, HSUS is run by fanatical animal liberation activists—a number of whom have ties to the radical, pet-killing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The latest link between HSUS and PETA is a marriage.

HSUS senior puppy mills campaign director Dale Bartlett is married to PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman, who has been with PETA for over 20 years. Reiman is a longtime spokeswoman, flacking for anti-fishing and lobster liberation campaigns, and has accumulated an impressive arrest record with PETA over the years: in 1992, in 1993, in 1994, in 1997, in 2001, and in 2014. (We may be missing a few, but you get the picture.) “Being arrested is a good way to open the eyes of the people,” she has said. She has also remarked, “Rats are actually very nice. People have made them out to be much worse than they are.” (The alleyway next to our office building has a few. Swing by any time…)

HSUS’s Bartlett and PETA’s Reiman live in southern California, where their respective organizations have offices that target Hollywood celebrities. In fact, PETA communications director Michelle Cho recently jumped ship to become vice president of HSUS’s Los Angeles office. She’s just the latest in a list of PETA alumni at HSUS.

The next time HSUS acts as if it’s a different animal than the PETA wingnuts, remember that HSUS is wedded to PETA. We can only imagine the pillow talk.