HSUS Lobbyist Still Fighting for Killer Dog

It’s been a few months since we last heard news in the tragic death of Janet D’Aleo. The 95-year-old Connecticut woman was savagely mauled to death last year in an attack by a pit bull mix owned by Humane Society of the United States state director Annie Hornish. D’Aleo was a family friend who was visiting the home of Hornish, who was not present during the attack.

Following the killing, authorities recommended euthanizing the dog. But Hornish has appealed to get the dog back.

D’Aleo’s helper, a witness, told authorities the dog charged and mauled D’Aleo, and that she grabbed a stool to hit the dog to stop the attack. But in a recent hearing, Hornish speculated that the dog must have been provoked, and was excitedly greeting D’Aleo, and hinted that some injuries could be from the stool.

Excited greeting? The attack was described by officers as one of the worst they’ve ever seen. An animal control officer testified that the dog is a public safety threat and would be a danger if released instead of euthanized. And as opposing counsel noted, she wasn’t even there when the attack occurred.

Listening to the people who were there, it sounds like an open-and-shut case that the dog is dangerous. So it’s troubling that Hornish continues to fight for the killer dog. Even more troubling is that she’s a state lobbyist on animal policies. Should lawmakers want this woman writing policies on dangerous dogs or other issues given her poor judgment?