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HSUS Lobbyist Sued Over Killer Dog

We have an update in the tragic and outrageous incident involving Humane Society of the United States lobbyist Annie Hornish, who is the group’s Connecticut state director. Hornish has been under scrutiny after a pit bull she owns attacked and killed a 95-year-old woman at Hornish’s home.

Hornish initially claimed the woman had died from falling down, but a police investigation revealed that the dog had mauled the woman, causing “massive injuries including flesh, muscle and tendon loss to the lower extremities.” Then, she fought a government order to euthanize the dangerous animal.

Hornish was not criminally charged, but did receive a citation for not having a proper license. Hornish is now being sued by the woman’s estate, seeking at least $15,000. A copy of the lawsuit is available here.

So far, we have not seen any comment from HSUS on the situation. Will Hornish, a former state rep., be hosting the Humane Lobby Day this winter? And has this incident created any pause for reflection on the organization’s policies on pit bulls, specifically its opposition to breed-specific legislation?