HSUS Moves Towards the PETA Endgame

The phrase “moving the goalposts” refers to someone constantly changing the rules in the middle of the game. Imagine if a father tells his son he’ll give him $20 to mow the lawn, and after the son complies, he’s told he’ll have to weed the garden, too. That’s hardly a fair deal for the kid.

In the case of the vegan Humane Society of the United States, it says to farmers, companies, and the public that it’s not against meat, but that it just wants a handful of changes to livestock farms. Yet its real agenda—by its own admission—is to completely end the use of animals for food. This is a goal shared by PETA, but PETA is open and honest about its agenda to get rid of meat, cheese, eggs, and milk. Their strategies are just different.  To use another analogy, think of PETA and going for a Hail Mary pass every play, while HSUS is focused on getting first downs.

The latest example of this—and there are plenty of examples—is with HSUS’s promotion of the “Meatless Monday” campaign. People in the loop about HSUS knew all along that HSUS wouldn’t settle for one day of the week being meat-free—it wants every day meat-free, for everyone. So we weren’t surprised to see this pop up on Facebook the other day:

Try Tofu Tuesdays Sm

So there you have it. After “Try Tofu Tuesday” it’ll be “Where’s the Beef Wednesday,” “Tofurky Thursday,” “Fake-Meat Friday,” and “Seitan Saturday/Sunday.” After all, folks at HSUS are the kind of people who think that farms are nothing more than concentration camps. They’re not going to be satisfied with just one day of the week.

For the record, we’re not against vegetarianism by any means, but we are against deceptively raising money off of pictures of dogs and cats and then using it to attack livestock farming. For those who aren’t on the meat-free wagon—the vast majority of the country—here’s a guide to a week free of “meat-free.”  If you’re tired of HSUS’s deception, snubbing of pet shelters, and self-righteous propaganda, you can stick it to them the next time you sit down to eat.