HSUS Tries to Infiltrate Evangelical Churches

HSUS PETA BibleAbout a decade ago, PETA had a campaign using religious language to call on Christians to go vegetarian. The tactics were typical PETA: Billboards calling Jesus the “Prince of Peas,” a crucified person wearing a pig mask, and calling vegetarianism “An Immaculate Conception.” The campaign was tin-eared and offensive to those who are religious, and religious leaders rightly condemned it. (You can learn more about it in our report, “Holy Cows.”)

Hopefully they see through the newest HSUS campaign, too.

Last week HSUS launched a campaign called “Every Living Things” in conjunction with a statement put out by Evangelical leaders. And just like PETA, HSUS is using Christian language and ideas to try to influence church-goers.

Does the Bible call for humane treatment of animals? Yes.

Should any religious campaign on humane treatment of animals be led by the disreputable HSUS, a secular group with a political agenda? No.

The Bible is clear that people need to be good stewards of the Earth. But it does not support the HSUS/PETA agenda of everybody being vegetarian. The Catholic Church, for instance, notes that “it is legitimate to use animals for food and clothing. They may be domesticated to help man in his work and leisure. Medical and scientific experimentation on animals is a morally acceptable practice if it remains within reasonable limits and contributes to caring for or saving human lives.” (The Evangelicals and Catholics may not agree on certain things, but we doubt this is one of them.)

In contrast, HSUS wants to ban the use of animals for food and medical research that helps humans. It has an ideology, not a theology.

More than that, religious groups should strive to set a good example with their actions. But consider the black marks on HSUS’s record. Wayne Pacelle, the head of HSUS, is a guy who swindles women and the elderly into donating to HSUS under the false impression that their money will be used primarily to help cats and dogs, when in fact it goes to fund political agendas attacking restaurants and farmers for serving and producing meat, dairy, and eggs. HSUS money even has gone, on a check signed by Pacelle, to pay a witness who lied in court. Ever heard of the 9th Commandment, HSUS?

We’re guessing the leaders at HSUS do not care about any religion, whether it’s Christianity, Buddhism, or Shintoism. They care about a political agenda that forces animal “liberation” on the rest of us. Let’s hope Evangelicals are not fooled by Greeks bearing gifts.