HSUS Corporate Supporters List (New and Improved)

(UPDATED March 4) — Last week Pilot Travel Centers became "YellowFail 2.0"—but there are still many, many companies that provide support (financial or otherwise) to the Humane Society of the United States. The grassroots-oriented response to Yellow Tail and Pilot was really quite something to watch, but we think this may only be the beginning.

We're confident that a few of these companies know exactly what they're doing: When you sell "meat alternatives" or vegan beauty products, writing a check to HSUS is really just a way to put your money where your mouth is. But many probably don't understand that HSUS isn't a pet-sheltering organization. They may not have figured out that HSUS's agenda is closely aligned with that of PETA. They probably haven't conbsidered how many of their own customers have to fight HSUS on a regular basis just to stay in business.

This version of the list adds companies listed as sponsors of the HSUS-run "Genesis Awards" show on March 20. We'll keep updating the info from time to time. Facebook links are included where possible. Do with this what you will. And feel free to use the HumaneWatch Facebook page as a central organizing space.

HSUS "Genesis Awards Sponsors"

Bark magazine  (FB) Garden Protein International  (FB)
Jill Milan (??) Market Development Group, Inc.
Modern Dog magazine  (FB) PetPlan Pet Insurance  (FB)
Prai Beauty Group  (FB) Tenet Healthcare Corporation  (FB)


HSUS "Featured Corporate Supporters"

AuthentEscapes Mighty Fine
Bank of America  (FB) Neue Galerie New York  (FB)
BB&T (FB) NSF Clothing  (FB)
Buffalo Exchange  (FB) Oreck  (FB)
Carivintâs Winery Organic Bouquet  (FB)
Charity Partners Petco Stores/Foundation  (FB) (FB)
Cheeky Monkey Jewelry  (FB) Pet e-Tailing
Crocodiles Not Waterlilies Petfinder  (FB)
Check Gallery PetSmart Charities  (FB)
DoGreatGood.com  (FB) Pilot Travel Centers (withdrawn)
Ebay Giving Works  (FB) Prai Beauty Group  (FB)
eFundraising Precious Cat (withdrawn)
GreaterGood Somerset Entertainment
Grounds for Change  (FB) Tisbest  (FB)
Harland Clarke  (FB) ViMax Publishing
Jakks Pacific  (FB) (FB) (FB) Xerox  (FB)
Land Rover N. America  (FB) [yellow tail] (withdrawn)
Legacy Interactive Zazzle.com  (FB)
Microsoft Corporation  (FB) Hill's Pet Nutrition (withdrawn)