H$U$'s New Global Amba$$ador

Interesting news came across our monitor the other day: HSUS announced that music artist Ke$ha—yes, she actually has a dollar sign in her name—is the group’s first “global ambassador.”

We’ll let you decide what to make of Ke$ha’s suitability as an ambassador. Her views on humans and animals are somewhat unorthodox. Her Twitter feed probably fits the dictionary definition of “NSFW.” And with lyrics such as “brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack [Daniels],” the message of caring for yourself (much less animals) isn’t always visible.

But that’s neither here nor there. Music is all about showmanship, and the flashiest acts often sell the best. And that seems to be just what’s going on here—on both sides.

In its press release, HSUS invites people to check out Ke$ha’s Tickets-for-Charity entry. Essentially, Tickets-for-Charity sells tickets to concerts and other venues with a surcharge that is donated to the artist’s charity of choice. In this case, $10 from every purchase goes to HSUS’s international arm, Humane Society International.

$o Ke$ha $ell$ ticket$, and H$U$ get$ $ome dough a$ well. Ea$y to $ee the up$ide.

But as anybody who’s familiar with HSUS’s fundraising record knows, the money HSUS raises often goes right back out the door—to pay off fundraisers, or to simply raise more money. HSUS isn’t known as a “factory fundraiser” for nothing. In fact, very little of the money HSUS raises actually goes to pet shelters. And if the ticket donations go to Humane Society International, then the money may not even help a single pet in America.

At face value, it might make “cents” to join up with HSUS and get your picture taken with cute animals while softening the “bad-girl” image. But considering that HSUS is facing a racketeering lawsuit, multiple calls for federal investigations (including one from six sitting Congressmen), and a growing public backlash as people realize what a scam this so-called “Humane Society” is, it might not make sense to partner with a group whose public-image “stock” should be shorted.

Do Ke$ha’s PR handlers know this? Why don’t you ask them? There are loads of other, more deserving charities that she could promote to benefit animal welfare.