HSUS Supports Cockfighters?

We couldn't make this up if we tried. Our minds are nowhere near this twisted.

A reader tipped us off that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is currently advertising on gamerooster.com, which is a website that seeks to unite "gamefowl breeders for the love of the sport and the breed." The "sport" they are referring to is the detestable practice of cockfighting.

Wayne Pacelle, HSUS's CEO, regularly lies that HumaneWatch is funded by and supports cockfighters. That's a lie, and Pacelle was put on legal notice of it in 2010. 

You know what isn't a lie? HSUS is supporting cockfighters by advertising on their websites. (Click the image enlarge.)

By the way, you might be wondering what HSUS’s banner ad links to. We clicked on it, and it goes to an HSUS donation page.

In other words, HSUS is apparently all too happy to take money from cockfighting supporters. So, Wayne Pacelle, how much money has HSUS made from this ad?

Okay, okay—this is mostly tongue-in-cheek and probably an unintentional oversight that HSUS’s online advertising team is quickly correcting (as soon as they read this post!). We have no idea what HSUS is targeting with its ads, but we were able to independently verify the ads. If you can't see the ads, it could be because they aren't targeting your demographic or geographic location (or a variety of other ways Google allows advertisers target their ads).

Here are a few more examples from "gamefowl" or "cocker" websites around the web: