HSUS’s Office Features Our Work

How do you know when you’re having an effect? When your opponent posts your stuff in its office.

HSUS released a promotional video last week for its “farm animal protection” (read: vegan activist) department. And included in that was this shot of HSUS’s office. Our material is in the upper right, decorating this cubicle.

HSUS Office HW

HSUS is currently targeting food companies to try to get them to make pledges that would economically disrupt pork farming; the material from us is related to that. You can get an idea of what our material says at MaternityPens.com.

If this is any indication, HSUS’s PR department has a whole wall brimming with our many ads—whether they expose the group’s radical anti-farmer agenda or the fact that HSUS only gives 1 percent of its money to local pet shelters.

So, thanks, Paul Shapiro and company. We’re flattered by the support.

P.S. Remember Matt Prescott, HSUS’s food policy director and former PETA activist who designed a disgraceful campaign comparing farmers to Nazis? Here’s his memorable cameo in the video: