Humane Society of the U.S. Favors Fundraising over Animal Rescue

It seems every time there’s a natural disaster, we can count on some charities trying to help and some charities trying to exploit the situation to raise money. Those with loud voices may be the bad actors, devoting resources to fundraising and PR, while other groups quietly do hard work, spending their resources getting their hands dirty.

Consider the latest from the Humane Society of the United States. This group runs sad ads on TV full of needy dogs and cats, yet gives only 1% of its money to pet shelters and doesn’t run a single pet shelter of its own. It does, however, spend tens of millions of dollars on marketing itself well, so people are under the impression that it’s a legitimate and effective group. (Our report “Looting in the Aftermath” documents several high-profile events the Humane Society of the United States exploited.)

This morning we happened to take a gander at what employment positions HSUS is trying to fill. HSUS is only trying to hire 3 people for its Animal Rescue Team. Meanwhile, it’s hiring 16 people for fundraising/marketing positions:

That should say it all about the priorities at HSUS. The best thing animal lovers can do is to give local to a shelter or rescue near them.