Humane Bites #239: Maybe HSUS Is Just a Teenage Dream

Clippings culled from all over the electronic news world. (E-mail submissions for tomorrow.)

  • Katy Perry to donate a percentage of concert ticket sales to HSUS (Does she know what she's doing?)
  • Illinois legislator: HSUS’s goal is “the destruction of livestock agriculture! Yes, they would love us to all be vegans”
  • Nebraska's Governor is standing his ground
  • HSUS raises money to hire social media "marketing" staffers to raise more money (Which leaves how much money, exactly, for the pets in all those ads?)
  • Birds of a feather: HSUS’s Paul Shapiro to appear at WA vegan potluck
  • Your Daily Shelter: Montana’s Stafford Animal Shelter (Donate. Volunteer. Adopt.)