HumaneWatch Hits Raleigh

The Humane Society of the United States—which is not affiliated with local humane societies, and which only gives 1% of its budget to pet shelters—made news in North Carolina last month when it formed a state “agriculture council” featuring a handful of farmers. It’s disappointing to see a few farmers join with HSUS, given that HSUS is a radical animal-liberation group that has the admitted goal of putting all livestock farmers out of business. But as the saying goes, you can’t fix stupid.

What we can fix, however, is the false and deceptive image that HSUS presents to the public. And that’s just what we’re doing in North Carolina with some billboards near Raleigh. The billboards reveal that the Humane Society of the United States gives only 1% of the money it raises to pet shelters. This is in stark contrast to what the public and HSUS donors mistakenly believe.

The billboards (available here and here) are located on Highway 64 East at the intersection of I-440, and at 1811 S. Saunders Street at the intersection of I-440.

HSUS raises over $100 million from the public and funnels much of that into attacks on farmers big and small. HSUS, like PETA, is against cheese, meat, milk, ice cream, butter, and any other food from animals. A handful of farmers might not get the joke, but we’ll make sure as many North Carolinians do as possible. Click the pictures below to enlarge.