Indiana Lawmakers Call for Investigation of HSUS

Consumer_AlertThere’s new progress in the fight to hold the deceptively named Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) accountable for its lack of support for the nation’s needy pets. Last week, six state senators in Indiana wrote state Attorney General Greg Zoeller asking him to investigate HSUS’s fundraising–which is full of dogs and cats while HSUS gives just 1% of the money it raises to pet shelters. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is currently investigating HSUS, and a second state would be another serious blow to HSUS.

HSUS CEO Wayne “1%” Pacelle didn’t take too kindly to the news—in fact, he went ballistic on his blog, calling the senators “un-American.” But it’s unclear just what his idea of American values is. No one is saying that HSUS can’t advocate for veganism like PETA. The problem is that HSUS is raising money under false pretenses—cats and dogs—to fund a PETA-like agenda. Deception is not a right or an American value.

The evidence is clear that HSUS is deceiving donors. One need look no further than polls of thousands of HSUS donors, which reveal people think their money is primarily helping cats and dogs and feel misled when they learn how little money HSUS gives to pet shelters. Pacelle himself admitted recently—click here to listen to the audio—that there is confusion in the public and with HSUS donors. HSUS knows that cats and dogs raise more money than ads about how we should all give up meat, cheese, and ice cream.

HSUS is not the victim of a political witch-hunt. The victims are HSUS donors who think they’re helping pet shelters and the local humane societies who aren’t getting money that’s intended for them. HSUS and Pacelle aren’t victims—they’re predators.