Is Animal Rescue Corps a Sinking Ship?

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Scotlund Haisley, the former senior director of the Humane Society of the United States’ animal rescue team. You might remember him from a 2009 dog seizure in South Dakota (in which the warrant was later thrown out) that resulted in a $5 million federal lawsuit against HSUS, HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle, Haisley himself, and others.

After leaving HSUS, Haisley became president of In Defense of Animals but lasted less than four months. He then founded Animal Rescue Corps, which appears to be in deep trouble.

For starters, ARC is listed as “delinquent” by the California Attorney General. Strangely, ARC’s website has recently been taken down and replaced with an “under construction” notice. A state liaison is now a “former” liaison. But most compelling are the apparent resignations of two of the five board members of ARC last week. Here they are:



Interestingly, ARC’s bylaws (accessible via the CA Attorney General) state that “not more than forty-nine percent (49%) of the persons serving on the Board may be interested persons”—and the remaining three-person board, by our count, would apparently be 66% interested parties, since Haisley and one other person received compensation from ARC in 2011, according to its tax return.

We’re curious about what’s been going on. Send tips (must be verifiable) to [email protected]. And if you’re wondering, the South Dakota lawsuit is still active and proceeding slowly as the parties hash out various motions.