It’s Time to Target HSUS Corporate Supporters

Following our launch in February 2010, a video from South Dakota rancher Troy Hadrick went viral. The video shows Hadrick pouring out a bottle of Yellowtail wine in protest of the company’s financial support of the deceptive animal-liberation group Humane Society of the United States. That video launched a firestorm of “Yellowfail” complaints against the wine company, ultimately resulting in Yellowtail doing an about face on its $100,000 pledge to HSUS.

Other companies have backed off their support for HSUS, too: Atlantic Publishing, Pilot Travel Centers,  Precious Cat kitty litter, Hill’s Science Diet dog food, and Mary Kay cosmetics. None of this would have happened without the active efforts of HumaneWatch supporters to make their voices heard to these companies.

Next week, we will be launching a boycott campaign against one of HSUS’s corporate supporters. We won’t say which one yet, but stay tuned. And get ready.