“Lost” Dog Donations: Can You Help Find Them?

We’ve done TV with our Superbowl ad and print with our full-page spread in USA Today. Now we’re doing a huge wallscape on a 200-foot building in Manhattan.

If you live or work near Penn Station, we invite you to go to 8th Avenue and 34th Street and see our latest work calling out how little the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) gives to pet shelters. If you don’t, click the picture below for the view many New Yorkers – and tourists from around the world – are getting.

Those in the Big Apple are also likely to see “lost” donation posters placed throughout Manhattan. Both link to more information at HelpPetShelters.com where they can learn more about the shady practices of HSUS.

Where are these “lost” donations? Many are in the Caribbean. Since 2012 HSUS has put over $150 million of donor money into offshore accounts, according to its tax returns.

The best way to make sure donations “find” a needy pet is to give to your local shelter—not to HSUS.