Louis C.K. Riffs on HSUS Ads, Buying a Puppy

Should you buy a dog, or adopt one? The choice is personal. And in a new special on Netflix, comedian Louis C.K. offers his opinion in a story about the time he got a dog for his kids.

Getting a dog has become tainted by political correctness. Groups like HSUS have stigmatized buying a dog—“adopt, don’t shop”—and have pushed legislation to prohibit consumers from purchasing a dog that comes from a breeder, despite acknowledging that not all breeders are substandard (according to HSUS standards). If you ask us, all dogs want a loving home, no matter where they’re from.

Louis C.K. doesn’t just offer his thoughts on buying vs. adopting, he also takes on the tear-jerking ads you see from HSUS and the ASPCA. View the 4-minute clip below. (There’s some adult language, as you would expect.)